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Fennel website is live! Thank-you all for your support!

It is hard to believe that it has already been 7 months since starting Fennel. And now, another major milestone has been accomplished, our website is Live!

About 8 months ago I quit my 9-5 job, fed up with climbing my way up the corporate ladder and instead decided to give myself huge promotion, follow a passion, and start up my own business. It has been a bit scary not knowing if this adventure would work out well or fail... but this is life you will never know unless you try it.​

Being my first foray into the restaurant business there has been much for me to learn! It took a lot of hard work but I have gotten plenty of help. I have a wonderful team working with me (Rowena, Joseph & Janet) who have been instrumental in getting the recipes tasting great and making every day fun! Also thanks to Stephan (Flik by Design) and Julia McNeely (artist) for inspiring the new look of the Restaurant. I have also had lots support from family... my husband always right beside me every step, my 3 kids who make me laugh every day, my highly supportive parents in-law... and of course my mom and dad. Thank you especially to my father for allowing me to be "me", which I'm sure wasn't easy... growing up in Indonesia.

​Finally, a huge Thank You to all our loyal customers... who I now lovingly refer to as 'Fennelers'!

Love, ​Dilla

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